It principally warms up your individual personal scent to a comfortable, amber tonka-vanilla mild powder scent. Lovely for layering fragrances, film nights/cuddling up, spa/massage days, safety spell from winter. Great pull if you’re needing a tiny olfactory break from the stunning but heavier/louder scents (especially in Fall/Winter).

le bain

Much softer, not so suffocating as that one – here it is a soothing, caressing, creamy/buttery scent which seals onto the skin. Joop le Bain is certainly a little lighter and undoubtedly much less advanced than that one, a little more feminine too maybe but they share some beautiful similarities. This strongly reminds me of Gaultier 2 which I used to have a bottle of however with an almond and cigar twist.

Le Bain (Additionally La Femme Au Bain Or La Baignoire; The Bath) By Alfred Emile Stevens

I’m shocked that heliotrope isn’t listed as an ingredient for Le Bain since that is the main observe in WWDIPIS. I sprayed one of these perfumes on each of my wrists and asked my daughters their opinion. My 18yo liked WWDIPIS higher as a result of it was stronger. My 20yo favored Le Bain higher as a result of she may smell the vanilla in it but was getting a playdough notice from WWDIPIS. Thankfully, I’m not a type of people who can smell playdough in WWDIPIS.

I disagree with the people who said this can be very sweet. Some men’s colognes like 1 Million, Black XS for men and Jooop! All that I get is a balmy and creamy vibe. Amber and Tonka bean are predominant notes for my nose.